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Dog Breeders in the Comox Valley

The Comox and the Glacier View Kennel Club wishes  to expand information for the purebred Fanciers and general  public and  cannot be held responsible  for the content on the other site or with in other associations .We can only hope to guide you in the right direction....The Breeders listed are in good standings with the CKC and should abide by the code Here

Reputable Dog Breeders in the Comox Valley .If you are unable to find the breed you were looking for try Dogs in Canada or search a specific dog group e.g. (Golden Retriever clubs of Canada)
CKC Finding  A Reputable Breeder

Choosing the right breed
Rescue groups Here and Here
Breed Specific Group Here
Breeders responsibility Here
Westminister  kennel club videos Here

Breeders List For the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island

Bernese Mountain           (Anderlea ) Here Denise Birse

Blue Kerry  Terriers         (Kingel Kerrie's) Barbara Ward  Here


                  (Knights Perm Reg) Here  Karen Phippen 250-338-6664
                                         Miniature smooth and wire
                                        (Linfost)Here Linda and Glenn Foster 250-336-8428
                                        Miniature smooths

German Shepherds          (Broomeacers German Shepherds Perm . Reg)Here
                                          Doug and Heather Wilson 250-337-8253

Innes Beared Collies        Ynonne Mulcaster 250-703-9603

Rhodesian Ridgebacks     (Tamaridge)Here Mark and Tammy Fillion 250-337-8227

Samoyed                          (Dormo Samoyed) Here Frank and Maria Chow 250-465-5602

Shetland Sheepdog           ( Rayelle Shelties Reg ) Here Danielle Martin 250-897-2852

Shibas & Shikokus           (Akashima  Kennel) Here  Katja Weber 250-703-0565

Yorkshire Terriers            (Marydon) Here Don and Mary Lou Macleod 250-897-1186

Choosing the Right Breed

Because we advocate purebred dogs and are affiliated with the CKC you will not find much information on mixed breeds Here .We believe Backyard Breeding and the selling of puppies with no contracts to spay/neuter has contributed to the explosion of unwanted dogs .

How to pick the breed of dog for your Family and Lifestyle.
Allergies, Allergies,Allergies wise to check before you go any further. A lot of puppies are returned to breeders or adult dogs place in shelters because family members are allergic to dogs .

*Choose were to get your pet ! Because irresponsible breeding's have taken place (puppy mills, and Backyard breeders)  there is a need for adoption homes. Local shelters and Rescue Groups are a great place to start.
 For those who are interested in a Purebreds you can  look up the Breed Specific Group and Breed Rescue Groups.  Doing your homework on the breed your looking into at remember   Purebreds are listed into seven groups. will be a big help in the breed characteristics. Look at the puppy/dogs  attributes before selecting a dog .Hair type short or long ,Large or small breeds,energy levels ,temperament,and exercise/active .Remember if it's an active breed your looking at really evalluate your family, are you active running around like crazy with your head cut off here there really busy or are you active as to you go out for walks here and there !!! two examples of being active

To many people make the mistake by going by looks alone, Forgetting the age old saying !! You can't judge a look buy it's cover ..
This also plays in part with Masculinity problems. Men especially wanting a tough looking dog with no regards to the time and effort it takes to have a well balanced dog and not a liability.